Forex Lawyer & CTA Disclosure Document

Published: 01st April 2010
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How can a forex lawyer help you?

A Forex Lawyer specializes in helping forex individuals and firms with forex registration and compliance matters. There are important documents that a forex attorney can really help with, such as:

-Risk Disclosure Documents for CTAs and CPOs

-Disclosure Documents

-Website Material to ensure NFA Compliance

There aren't many forex attorneys, since forex trading is a niche market. Finding a knowledgeable attorney can be difficult. It's always important to have an initial phone or in-person conversation to ensure that there is a good fit.

What is forex registration?

Those individuals and firms who trade forex, serve as intermediaries or counterparties to forex transactions, or work as associated persons will soon be required to register with the Commodity Trading Futures Commission (CFTC) through the National Futures Association (NFA) once the new CFTC Proposed Rules are finalized. Registration will help the NFA and CFTC to have better oversight of the forex industry and more control over potential fraud in the industry. There are different fees associated with registration, which can be discussed with you lawyer.

What are disclosure documents?

A CTA Disclosure Document is a documents that forex firms who serve as intermediaries or counterparties to forex transactions must provide their customers with. They include information about the risks involved in forex trading (called Risk Disclosures) as well as information about the forex firm and performance capsules (i.e. statistics about trading performance), among other items.

For more information on a CTA Disclosure Document, contact a Forex Lawyer here.

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